History of Spanish Literature

Through my Spanish gallery, I would like to express my point of view that among the most exciting things are searching for different types of individuals, culture and so on. The previous works of the Spanish (this is the means by which the general population of Spain is called) have found a former Castilian accent.

Each of the books was not written in this tone at the time when Hispania (the name that the Romans launched on the Iberian peninsula) were booked in Latin. Until the fifth century, they continued to write in Latin.

Another well-known work was Cantar de Mio Cid written in 1140, yet the character remains a secret writer until now. I wrote this epic with sound rather than rhyme.

A well-known lyricist certainly needs notice in any Spanish exhibition, Juan Ruiz. His solitary work was the love of LeBron de Bowen, which contains some decoded stories called Cyrillus.

In the middle of the fifteenth century, the pre-Renaissance period occurred. Here the main aim was to draw on existing sources, advances in drawing and improvements in science. Highlights the renaissance accompaniment.

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  • The simplicity and common type of authorship were given importance. Expanded objects are ignored.
  • The favorite topics were love, folkloric, nature, and so on.
  • “Exploitation of this occasion” was an explanation by carpe diem, which talks about the importance of pleasure in life before we age.
  • Explain the magnificence of life and the risks associated with life.
  • Nature has been photographed in detail in a large number of works.

Literature is known in the seventeenth century as Baroque. This is depicted by negative, relaxing, disintegrating and losing recognition of renaissance.

In the eighteenth century, three phrases are separated. They are:

  • Fighting the Berbers until the middle of the seventeenth century
  • The new classic reaches the 18th century
  • Pre-ETA from the 18th century to the 19th century


My Spanish essay needs to stop here, but Spanish literature moved to emotion and originality. It was the goals that carried the literature to a difficult time.

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